Life Goal

7. july 2018 at 18:37 | Lusianna |  Dear Diary †
Everybody is talking about that life goal. But what exactly is it? It can mean so many things. For every single one of us it's something different. Isn't that a bit frightening? Like there is something you're meant to do in your life but you actually don't know what that is. Here is the thing. There's nothing you have to or should do. You can create your very own fate and do what you've always dreamt about. I know this sounds like a cliche but you must be honest with yourselves. Don't let enyone take away your dream. Be you.


Today is the next yesterday

16. june 2018 at 23:23 | Lusianna |  Dear Diary †
So many people never try what they wanna try. Why is that? What if tomorrow never comes? And you never get the chance to do what you wanna do. That's one of my biggest fears. That one day I'm not gonna wake up. I guess you just can't think about everything this much. But that's impossible for me. I'm still hidden in my thoughts far away from this world. Crying in the corner, waiting for my destiny to hit me in the face.

Hey Satan, It's just Me, your daughter.

4. july 2017 at 15:42 | Lusianna |  Dear Diary †
I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
My face looks like a piece of shit.
And I have noo Idea what to do with it.
Why do everyone care about appearance?
Life would be so easier if your inner beauty was visible.
I'm losing my patience.



3. july 2017 at 9:00 | Lusianna |  Favorites
Tell me pretty lies,
look me in the face,
tell me that you love me
even if it's fake.
Cause I don't fucking care...
at all.
You've been out all night,
I don't know where you've been,
you're slurring all your words,
not making any sense.
Cause I don't fucking care...
at all.

Life Goals

3. july 2017 at 8:34 | Lusianna |  Places to visit

Let's talk about love

2. july 2017 at 21:50 | Lusianna |  Poetry

I can barely stop thinking about him.
Why does he have to be so perfect?
I'm sure I love him.
This is a true love.
I used to cry almost everyday beceause of him.
I thought that he is not interested about my existence.
Unless he told me he loves me. (It was more like a text message but who cares)
But now, I'm scared of it.
I don't want to screw up.
He looks like he knows exactly how to act in a relationship.
Meanwhile I'm scared of every move he makes and every word he says.
Isn't that weird?
-Lusianna <3

Deep moments

2. july 2017 at 21:36 | Lusianna |  Quotes
So here are some of the quotes that match me I guess.
They are not special but I can feel them in some way.

If there was a book of my life it would look something like this:

Fear of unknown

2. july 2017 at 19:17 | Lusianna
I fear a of lot of things.
We all do.
For example when we were kids, we were afraid of darkness.
Of bugbears under our beds.
But today I'm not gonna write about this kind of fear.
The theme is fear of unknown.
I think you shouldn't be afraid of something new, something you haven't tried yet.
Because if you don't try it, you might regret it then.
I'm not saying you shouldn't be wary, but you live only once.
So make it worth it.
Sincerely, -Lusianna <3

Mrs. Potato Head

2. july 2017 at 18:34 | Lusianna |  Melanie <3
So inspiring.
Goosebumps on.
I've cried so many times listening to this song.

Melanie Martinez <3

2. july 2017 at 18:18 | Lusianna |  Melanie <3
Her music is keeping me alive.
I'm an official Cry Baby and I'm proud of it.
Reasons to love Melanie Martinez:
  • She's Melanie Martinez
  • Uh..I think that's enough

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